K.U.L.T Kress Next Generation

Weeding inside the plant row is possible!

The tool has many adjustments:

All elements can be ajusted up and downas well side to side simply with a single wrench to fit many crop-types and growth-stages.

Depthwheels allow the tool to maintain a shallow working depth – moving less soil is better for soil health and brings fewer weed seed to the surface.

Many optioms for moutning to tractor:

Several tools can be combined for multiple plant rows and mounted between the tractor axels for best view and easiest steering (shown above).

It can also be mounted on a toolbar to the rear or front of the tractor.

Fingerweeders – the magic of weeding in the row:

Fingerweeders work shallowly within the row, uprooting small weeds but preserving the crop. Angled knives cut close to the plant but shallow, avoiding crop roots and shielding soil from moving into the crop-row.

Fingerweeders follow and crumble the narrow in-row area, removing weeds in the row.

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